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Intro and Questions and Future Mods - A queer body-mod community. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
A queer body-mod community.

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Intro and Questions and Future Mods [Aug. 17th, 2008|10:44 pm]
A queer body-mod community.


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 Hey, I'm Dani, 19 years old and a Certified Massage Therapist and Reiki 1 Healer. I'm a transguy, non-Op, pansexual, flamboyantly faggy ass kinda guy. I'm getting my first body mods ever pretty soon (potentially this week or the following). My one question is, where can I find those nice little chains to hang from a nose ring (or even a snake bite),  to your ear peircing? I totally love them, and I have NO idea what they're called and where to get them. Help! 

I have my first mod ideas under the cut down there \/.

I will be making an appointment to get my first tattoo and body piercings this week.


Snakebites, with  either these studs:

Or these (in silver, 4 mm)

Tattoos (Of my Cats):

1. All-In Tattoo Representation: 1 red poker chip, All-In written in cursive white or black.
    Location: Top of left foot.

2. Coco Tattoo Representation: Either a cat cleaning herself or climbing up my ankle.
     Location: Left ankle, left side (outside)

3. Isis Tattoo Representation: Hieroglyphic cat with curved tail turning into an ahnk.

[User Picture]From: baglieg
2008-08-18 05:39 am (UTC)
If you get a nose chain, you'll probably want to hang it from a ring, not a bar like that. Also, save that for after the piercing's healed. Rings are also easier to clean while the piercing is still swollen.
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